The Bob Jones Trail

The Bob Jones Trail


Defining the term “city to sea,” the Bob Jones Bike Trail follows the Pacific Coast Railroad all along the San Luis Obispo Creek until it reaches Avila Beach.

The trail begins at a parking lot off the US 101 and ends at the promenade in downtown Avila Beach, offering up the perfect ending to your ride with a relaxing view of the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention, bikers will be shrouded with scenery throughout their ride, as the Bob Jones Trail will take them through lush greenery, gardens, and bubbling brooks.

Here are directions to find the beginning and end of the trail to ensure bikers the full Bob Jones experience:

Start of the Trail – A parking area is available at the trail head.
 Exit US101 at Avila Beach and head west. Turn right on Ontario Rd (Avila Hot Springs). Go past the KOA campground and you will see a parking lot off to the right. The trail starts right across the street. Remember to lock your car and don’t leave any valuables inside.

End of the Trail – Downtown Avila Beach.
Use these directions to get into Avila. The trail ends on the corner of Avila Beach Drive & 1st Street. Use the new traffic light for a safer crossing into downtown.