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Season of Coastal Discovery

Why do we call this time of year the season of Coastal Discovery? Simply put, this is the richest season to witness what Highway 1 and the Central Coast have to offer. Wildlife peaks in winter, with opportunities to see creatures in their element. Witness thousands of monarch butterflies clustered on eucalyptus branches, elephant seals birthing pups, birds stopping along the Pacific Flyway, and whales spouting offshore. The abundance of natural wonders makes this the best time to foster your love of Highway 1 and the great outdoors.

Visit the site & download our engaging and fun-filled North & South Coast itineraries! Also, utilize our Discovery Trail Map for the best activity suggestions. It’s the perfect tool to help you get outdoors and explore more of the¬†beauty¬†Highway 1 has to offer.

Click here for the North Coast Itinerary

Click here for the South Coast Itinerary

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