Introducing Harford Seafood Co.!

Introducing Harford Seafood Co.!

New Fish Market in Avila Beach

We are so excited to welcome a new fish market to the end of the pier here in Avila Beach! Harford Seafood Co. offers sustainably caught, local seafood including crab, salmon, halibut, and shrimp.

Harford Seafood

Owner, Shaun Corrales, is proud to work with local fishermen to source high-quality seafood straight from the bay beneath the market.


You can purchase live fish and have it freshly filleted to keep things as fresh as possible.


Please be sure to stop by and offer them a warm welcome and show some support the next time you are here! Until then, you can follow them at @harfordseafoodco on Instagram and Facebook.

Current operating hours are Wed-Sun 11 AM-6 PM. Call 805-596-4444 for more information or to place an order.