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Fresh air, sunlight, and the great outdoors..

Fresh air, sunlight, and the great outdoors.. getting outside and connecting with nature is an excellent way to help maintain your mental and physical health. So, wherever you’re sheltering in place, be sure to take a minute to step outside and take a breath of fresh air. And of course, no matter how you enjoy the outdoors, we urge you to only do so with the people within your household and to practice effective “social distancing” and other measures to help keep you, your family and our community safe.

We know that right now isn’t the time for you to travel, but we hope we can continue to bring you virtual experiences and showcase the beauty of our city to give you a blissful moment to look forward to throughout the day! Avila Beach is timeless and will still be here when the time is right and safe for you to travel! ⁣⁣

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