Find Your Wonder

Find Your Wonder


Coastal Discovery Celebration in Avila Beach!

Get up close and personal with the best the coast has to offer, from conservation and walks to wildlife and talks. The Coastal Discovery Celebration brings Avila Beach and many other destinations along the Highway 1 Discovery Route vibrantly to life. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with nature and culture during this seven-week collection of events. See below for some featured activities happening right here in Avila Beach and start planning your trip now!

Whale Trail
Along the Whale Trail you’ll be looking over the waters of one of our nation’s most spectacular marine protected areas, offering some of the best wildlife viewing in the world – including 34 species of marine mammals! Search for the heart-shaped blows of gray whales, tall dorsal fins of orcas, or feeding humpback and blue whales. Look for seals and sea lions on offshore rocks and sea otters wrapped up in kelp. You can see amazing marine life at the Whale Trail’s shore-based sites at any time of year.

Central Coast Aquarium
The Central Coast Aquarium welcomes all visitors, friends and family, to indulge in the splendor of the Central Coast’s beauty and wonder within the waters brought to land. Between hands-on experiences like the Exhibit Hall’s tough tanks or close encounters with swell sharks, to engaging academic programs where kiddos learn to walk on sea legs aboard a fishing boat, they aspire to inspire the explorers within every heart who enters their doors.

Kayak Back in Time
Paddle back in time to the 125 year old and fully restored Point San Luis Lighthouse. Bring your adventurous spirit and interest in California mariner history. The leisurely three-hour round trip guided tour includes: paddling instruction (if needed), tasty snacks, a short-guided paddle in the protected waters of San Luis Obispo Bay, a walk up from the beach to the lighthouse bluff with beautiful vistas, and a complete docent led educational tour of the lighthouse and its grounds.

Stewardship Clean-Up Kit and Appreciation Tote Bag
Did you know that marine debris harms wildlife through both enlargement and ingestion? Plastics take hundreds of years to breakdown and may continue to trap and kill animals year after year unless it is picked up and disposed of. When you spend a valuable hour or two collecting marine debris and litter with friends, family, or on your own, you help protect wildlife and make a difference with your visit. High school aged family members may receive volunteer credit while on vacation; check with individual schools for eligibility.