Duh Nuh, Duh Nuh: Avila’s New Shark Exhibit

Duh Nuh, Duh Nuh: Avila’s New Shark Exhibit

You can live every week like it’s shark week in Avila Beach now!

Don’t worry- we’re not talking about sharks hanging out in the bay waiting for a little snack. We’re referring to the brand new shark exhibit right here in Avila Beach at 66 Landing Passage.

Captain Micheal Brink, Owner of SLO.TOURS has opened up a new self-guided exhibit featuring every species of shark jaw and teeth on an eye-catching display.

This donation-based museum has a small entry free making it an accessible, educational, and fun stop for kids and families. There is also a small gift shop with toy sharks, t-shirts, books, and more where you can shop after the tour.

Be sure to snap a pic with their realistic-looking deepwater backdrops and tag us in any photos you take there!

Sharks are the only apex predator in the sea, do not have any bones, and contrary to rumors, have good eyesight! There is so much to learn and appreciate about this misunderstood species, and our local exhibit is just the place to start.

Call 805-705-8681 for more information.